The Polygraph Institute

Background and Experience:

The Polygraph Institute is a Limited Liability Corporation established in Texas and managed by industry professionals.  We retain only highly experienced instructors that possess backgrounds in utilizing and managing polygraph in law enforcement, government and private sectors. All of our staff have demonstrated expertise in providing training and subject matter expertise to domestic and international clients. Our professional staff is the only polygraph effort to have developed and conducted multiple professionally recognized polygraph schools in Iraq under war zone conditions for the Department of Defense and the Government of Iraq. Our instructors have over one hundred combined years of polygraph expertise and have completed thousands of investigative interviews and polygraph examinations.

Training Services:

The Polygraph Institute LLC can provide training at our home office location in San Antonio, Texas or at any suitable domestic or international training location. We have experience in adapting to a variety of on site locations, including harsh and austere environments when requested by our clients. We provide a professional level of training that meets or exceeds the standards set by the American Polygraph Association (APA), American Association of Police Polygraphists (AAPP), and the American Society for Testing Materials (ASTM). Our training courses include our basic polygraph examiner course training, advanced examiner courses, interview and interrogation seminars, Post Conviction Sex Offender Testing certification courses and quality assurance process development. 


All of our instructors consider polygraph and professional interviewing to be a multi-disciplinary field that can only be taught by retaining a cadre of subject matter experts. No single instructor can present sufficient expert knowledge in all of the broad topical areas that make up polygraph. Therefore, we retain sufficient staff to support a polygraph training program including full time and contracted subject matter experts meeting professional standards for training that have recognition in the industry. All of our primary instructors have significant experience in law enforcement and private industry for polygraph, interviewing and interrogation and senior management policy development. In addition, all of our subject matter experts in related disciplines have advanced academic degrees or research efforts that correlate human physiology and behavior, legal issues and ethics in practical application and understanding of detecting deception.