The Polygraph Institute

001 Basic Polygraph Examiner Course: (400 Classroom Hours)

The basic polygraph examiner course is a 400 hour in residence curriculum that is designed around a five day work week with eight hour class days.  Students must successfully complete a weekly written examination, homework study, a minimum of two hours of polygraph chart time and a final written examination with a practical exam. Students must maintain a test grade point average of 75% and pass the final written exam with at least 75%. Students must also pass the final practical exam by successfully conducting a mock crime polygraph examination on a role player. All assignments are required to be turned in before successful graduation.

Students are expected to attend 100% of the training hours provided. Significant illness or emergency are the only excused absence.  All missed class hours for excused absence must be made up prior to course completion. A student may not miss more than 10% of the actual classroom presentations for any reason in order to successfully graduate.

Following completion of the ten week course, students receive a Course Completion Certificate and are graduated to the field for live testing. Students will be required to submit ten (10) actual polygraph examinations that meet professional standards following graduation.  Students are also required to complete 40 hours of advanced training within 12 months following graduation. This training requirement can be fulfilled by completing the PCSOT course, or by attending our one week course for advanced training/quality control review.  Advanced training ensures continuity of industry best practices and is appropriate for academic review prior to licensing examinations. Following the completion of an advanced course and the submission of acceptable field exams the student will receive an Accredited Graduate Diploma

Our curriculum may be only be modified with a prior written request and approval by the School Director. Attendance at a 40 hour conference by the APA or AAPP may be substituted for the 40 hours of advanced training. The basic course has the following modules of instruction.

  • History and Development of the Detection of Deception: (8 hours) 
  • Polygraph Test Question Construction: (32 hours)
  • Validated Polygraph Formats and Scientific Testing: (48 hours)
  • Mechanics of Instrument Operation: (32 hours) 
  • Polygraph Basic Skills Development: (80 hours)
  • Pre-Test Interview and Post Test Procedures: (40 hours)
  • Psychology and Human Behavior: (24 hours)
  • Physiology Related to Polygraph Administration: (24 hours)
  • Test Data Analysis and Countermeasures: (56 hours)
  • Ethics and Standards of Practice: (8 hours)
  • Legal Aspects Related to Polygraph: (8 hours)
  • Practical Exam, Research Project and Student Studies: (40 hours)

002 Screening of Supervised and High Risk Clients (PCSOT) Course: (40 class hours)

This is an advanced course approved by the American Polygraph Association and the Joint Polygraph Committee for Offender Testing.  This course is for examiners seeking professional accreditation for assisting in risk assessment and compliance verification with mandated requirements of supervision for probation, parole or sex offender treatment programs.

003 Advanced Polygraph Training and Quality Control Course: (40 class hours)

This course is for field examiners who have conducted at least 30 field polygraph examinations. This course will cover polygraph instructional topics related to conducting valid polygraph examinations and will also prepare students for licensing examinations. This course will assist examiners seeking CEU hours for polygraph training or quality control and peer review of field polygraph examinations.

004 TDLR Continuing Education Course: (6 class hours)

This course is for licensed polygraph examiners in Texas wanting to complete Continuing Education Hours required by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. This will be a one day classroom of instruction with a working lunch that may be used for the current State of Texas requirement.  Course instruction will include TDLR approved hours of instruction on various topics.