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There are three essential core components to an interview training program.  One component is to create the foundation for how to interview a person and obtain the information that is being sought.  The second component is to be able to actually evaluate what is being said, along with identifying valid behavioral interview cues, to assess truth or deception, or to redirect the discussion.  Over the last 50 years, most interview training has taught the wrong cues, such as nervousness or eye contact for detecting deception.  Our training for evaluating behavior cues is well supported by psychology research.  Third, interrogating a resistant subject using coercive techniques is not well received in court.  We do not teach interrogation, we teach behavioral intervention.  

Our behavioral intervention methods for obtaining information are well received and are consistent with what psychologists use every day in cognitive behavioral therapy.  If you want to be able to defend the confessions that are obtained in your interview room, then you need behavioral intervention in your interview training.  We offer free expert testimony to defend officers who are correctly employing our training.  The Validated Interview Technique was designed from from the ground up to be evidence based and what works. 

01 -  Basic Interviewing Course:  $125/per student

This is a one day course for the beginning investigator who desires to develop interview skills. Course covers interview planning, personality assessment, use of proper question types and some basic differences between truthful and deceptive subjects. Course is ideal for those seeking to improve communication skills. This course can be adapted for patrol interdiction officers. We show how to avoid looking for unsupported behavior cues, such as gaze aversion and nervous behavior, during field interviews. Our training will reduce "false positive" errors (searching innocent subjects), while increasing the rate of contraband seizures.

02 -  Interview and Interrogation Course:  $425/per student

This an advanced three day course that teaches our Validated Interview Technique. This course will focus on interview planning, our simple field personality assessment, and the correct identification and evaluation of content, vocal and visual behavior cues.  We teach a narrative interview style that seeks sensory & memory details in order to increase mental effort for the guilty and lower stress for the truthful. Our L.E.E.N. method for conversation management will result in increased information flow from subjects who seem unwilling to tell the truth.  We use interactive student training tools to help improve competency in evaluation of real criminal interviews.  We address the issue of "False Confessions" and teach behavioral intervention as an effective and defensible method to obtain statements.  Our training works in the field and is defensible in court. 

03 -  Enhanced Validated Interview Course:  $895 per student *

This is our premier five day course for advanced interview training. We have incorporated the use of a “2-in-1” hybrid laptop to record interview notes during our advanced training.  Hybrids utilize a “digitizer” pen, that functions like traditional pen and paper for the interviewer.  However, hybrids can support simultaneous applications, such as audio / video recording & the collection of physiology from the subject, using Microsoft off the shelf products.

We have developed groundbreaking software that "docks" the real time collection of electro-dermal activity (EDA) during the interview into the written field notes. This unique capability shows subject arousal and guides the asking of detail oriented questions during the actual interview. The EDA has been studied for more than 100 years in detecting arousal to a stimulus and is very easily interpreted. As early as 1897, scientist Harold Sticker noted “the galvanic skin phenomenon is under the influence of exciting mental impressions and the will has no effect on it”.  Patent Pending on our method.

04 - Train the Trainer Course in Validated Interview Technique:  $895/per student **

This is a 40 hour course that will teach your investigator to provide in-house instruction on our Validated Interview Technique plus basic instructor competency principles. We license our copyrighted training to the student for your agency use on a subscription basis, and provide our training software applications for your agency trainer's use. We have an E-Learning website for access to all of our training material and behavioral psychology research that supports the training principles we teach.  (Significant and strict requirements for attendance for this course.)

05 - Practical Field Exercise and Instruction:

We can develop and deliver an elaborate optimum training package with a live-environment exercise as part of any Validated Interview Technique course training.  

 * Enhanced Validated Interview Course:  We recommend the use of the Microsoft Surface Pro.  We are dealers and call sell at retail pricing.  The cost of the EDA hardware/software is $1195 per unit.  Please contact us and we will bundle the pricing.

** Train the Trainer Course:  The standard tuition includes a one year subscription licensing the Applicant to teach our Validated Interview Technique. A subsequent subscription to trainer services is $89 per year.

Train the Trainer Requirements:

Applicant must be a member of a government or law enforcement agency with verifiable investigations and interview experience. Applicant should be capable of instructing material in front of others. Non-profit use by government agency only.  Strict use of unaltered training materials only.  Submission of student critiques for all courses taught.