The Polygraph Institute

Contact us for our current project on Cognitive Bias and interviewing!!


Our next course is filling up for February 2018.  Enroll early!


We will be teaching at the Polygraph seminar in Lima Peru, on Dec 14-15.  Please drop by and see us!


Congratulations to Patrick OBurke on being named to the TDLR Advisory Board for polygraph! 


Patrick OBurke was named the new Board Chairman for the American Polygraph Association.


"Ok Pat I have to brag about your training.  I have always considered myself pretty good at conducting interviews, but after your training I learned a new way to approach my interview/interrogations.  Prior to your class I had conducted a two and one half hour interview with a burglary suspect.  He was close to confessing but he would never come around full circle.  I decided to re-interview the suspect yesterday after completing your training.  Within 30 minutes the suspect not only confessed to three burglaries, but gave us information on several others in the area.  Your training really worked for me and I am thankful for what I learned in the course."    - James, 2014 3 day Interview Student 


"The training was excellent! Chip, both you and Patrick did a great job instructing and I really felt the class was one of the more beneficial classes I have taken in a long time. Thanks so much for the opportunity." 2013 Student from Boise Interview Course


"Our instructors developed and delivered the first professionally recognized polygraph curriculum in Iraq during wartime environment. Research projects have validated these students as capable as American counterparts, a testament to our instructional methods.” ~ J. Patrick O'Burke


“Bobby told me he called and talked to you about my recent polygraph. My department has never before solved a murder using polygraph techniques, much less a cold case homicide. I conducted the polygraph just as you taught me. Bobby and I are making a lot of cases using those techniques. Our department finally understands the importance of having a polygraph system in place. We were able to get a confession on this case with little to no physical evidence. Several investigators before us had interrogated the offender prior the polygraph. No one was able to make a dent in the case. Thanks again for everything you taught us. Also tell all your outside instructors thanks they are making a difference." >Student; Class of 2012