The Polygraph Institute

J. Patrick O’Burke, School Director & Primary Instructor

J. Patrick O’Burke has been the primary school director for the Polygraph Institute for the last six years and has taught more than fifteen basic courses.  Mr. O’Burke has taught polygraph examiner courses in Baghdad, Iraq for the Department of Defense, as well as previously instructing at the Texas Department of Public Safety Polygraph School, the Sturm School of Polygraph, and the University of Houston-Downtown Polygraph Program.  He has taught advanced polygraph courses domestically and internationally in South Africa, Taiwan, Columbia, and Peru.  He has been licensed as a polygraph examiner for 35 years in Texas and holds licenses in other States.  He is the current Chairman of the Board for the American Polygraph Association and serves as an advisor to State licensing boards on polygraph issues.   

Mr. OBurke has more than 35 years of law enforcement experience and retired from the Texas Department of Public Safety with a final position as the Commander of the State Fusion Center and Criminal Intelligence Analysis. He holds a Master Peace Officer certificate and an Instructor Certificate from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education. He authored the Validated Interview Technique, a proven interview method based on research proven principles. He has frequently lectured on interviewing and interrogation, intelligence best practices, and police performance management.  He has also testified on police performance management in the United States Congress and Texas State legislature.  

Clifford "Chip" Morgan, School Co-Director & Primary Instructor

Mr. Morgan has more than 25 years of polygraph experience and was honorably retired as a Detective from the Boise, Idaho Police Department.  Mr. Morgan has taught in numerous polygraph courses in both domestic and international locations including; Iraq, Nepal, and Barbados.  He has a bachelors degree and is the author of "Focused Interviewing" a course text at Glynco, GA.  Mr. Morgan is a member of the American Polygraph Association, the American Association of Police Polygraphists and is the Chairman of the National Polygraph Association.

Gordon Moore, Primary Instructor

Mr. Moore is currently a polygraph program manager employed by the Las Vegas Nevada Metro Police Department. He has been employed as a polygraph examiner for more than 30 years and is well known for his professional awards and accomplishments in the field of polygraph. He has conducted more than 5000 polygraph examinations and has is the recipient of the Max Wastl Award from the AAPP in 2006 and the John E. Reid Memorial Award from the APA in 1999.  He holds a bachelors degree from American Technological University.

Andrew Longuski, SME Physiology Instructor

Andrew Longuski holds both a Master’s degree and a Bachelor’s degree from Central Michigan University. Mr. Longuski taught physiology in an educational environment and holds a Michigan State teaching certificate. Mr. Longuski has been employed by the Michigan State Police for more than 19 years and has extensive experience as a polygraph examiner and detective. Mr. Longuski has also lectured extensively in interview and interrogation for law enforcement and prosecutors in Michigan.

Michael Landin, PhD., SME Physiology Instructor

Dr. Michael Landin earned his doctorate in Physical Therapy and is currently a licensed clinician.  Dr. Landin has experience in both functional and structural anatomy and physiology.  His anatomy experience includes extensive hours dissecting human cadavers in a university setting for laboratory training and academic testing purposes.  He has spent over 10,000 hours under Orthopedic Fellowship programs in clinical practice treating neurological, orthopedic and musculoskeletal pain disorders.  Additionally, he is trained as an acupuncturist and worked under Dr. Robert Guerrero, the current Dean of Acupuncture and the University of Incarnate Word.  

Victoria Churchman, SME Physiology Instructor

Victoria Churchman is a laboratory instructor and teaching assistant at Sul Ross University. She instructs in the Survey of Human Anatomy and Physiology and in introduction to microbiology. Ms. Churchman holds both Masters and Bachelors degrees from Sul Ross in the field of Biology.

Melissa Graham. PhD., SME Psychology Instructor

Dr. Graham is employed by the San Antonio Police Department and holds a doctorate degree in psychology.  Dr. Graham has unique experience in providing psychology training and mental health care training for police officers and their families.   Dr. Graham also provides critical incident services in crisis response and as a member of the San Antonio Police Department Hostage Negotiation Team.  Dr. Graham is a coordinator for Crisis Intervention Training (CIT) and provides psychological services to various community action groups and for the SAPD Peer Support program.  

Tiffany Niemann Collier, SME Psychology Instructor

Ms. Collier is a psychology instructor at the University of Texas Permian Basin. She has been a practicing polygraph examiner since 2005. She holds a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from The University of Texas of the Permian Basin and a Bachelor of Arts magna cum laude in Psychology from Sul Ross State University. She has taught psychology aboard U.S. Navy vessels for the "Program for Afloat College Education" through Central Texas College. She has previously instructed for Western Texas College and Midland College. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern with more than five years experience working in inpatient psychiatric facilities. She holds memberships in the American Psychological Association and the Society for Human Research and Development.

Kenneth W. Dollinger, Attorney & SME Instructor

Mr. Dollinger is a licensed attorney in the State of Texas and has significant experience as a judge, attorney, peace officer, and as a polygraph examiner. Mr. Dollinger is a graduate of Lamar University, South Texas School of Law in Houston and the University of Houston-Downtown Polygraph program. Mr. Dollinger has conducted thousands of polygraphs in criminal matters and sex offender supervision programs.


Other Guest Instructors are utilized as required.  These guest instructors meet APA requirements for teaching.